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posted on 2020-12-21, 19:00 authored by David BaiyesheaDavid Baiyeshea
The paper attempts to deconstruct the leadership phenomenon, with emphasis on competencies needed by leaders to thrive in turbulent situations. Leadership has been a topic that has garnered a lot of interest from researchers over the years and as a result of this, there are significant number of literatures on the subject matter. However, there have been discrepancies in definition on the role of leaders, specifically on leadership styles and which style of leadership can be considered the best for all situations. While, there are several discussions amongst scholars on the most appropriate leadership style for all situations, the paper attempts to elucidate that one major thing scholars agree on is that leadership is involves inspiring followers to achieve organizational objectives specifically evaluating the role of leaders as organizational stewards and their ability to restore the balance between an organization and its environment in turbulent times.


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