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Knowledge levels of primary school teachers regarding the concept of early literacy

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posted on 2021-05-24, 22:28 authored by Halil TaşHalil Taş, Muhammet Baki Minaz

The aim of this study is to determine the level of knowledge of primary school teachers about the concept of early literacy, to determine whether this knowledge level differs according to the teachers' gender, the type of school they graduated from and their professional seniority; to reveal the importance of early literacy skills for 1st-grade students of primary school and how to increase teachers' early literacy knowledge levels. This research is a descriptive study in the nature of a survey model. In this research, where quantitative and qualitative research techniques are used together, simultaneous transformational mixed method was used in data collection and analysis. The study group of the research consists of 49 primary school teachers who teach the 1st-grade. Teachers were determined through simple random sampling. The analysis of the qualitative data was conducted via content analysis while the quantitative data were analyzed via independent group t-test and ANOVA in this study for which data collection was provided via a semi-structured interview form developed by the researchers.


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The authors declare no conflict of interest.

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In the study, the principles of scientific research and publication ethics were meticulously followed; for this purpose, the Ethics Committee Decision (date: 25.11.2020 and number: 2020-83) was taken from Ordu University Social and Human Sciences Research Ethics Committee.

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We request that our article titled KNOWLEDGE LEVELS OF PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHERS REGARDING THE CONCEPT OF EARLY LITERACY be removed from publication. Best regards Halil TAŞ Muhammet Baki MİNAZ