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Indicator Values of The Sacredness of Jakarta Cathedral Church, Indonesia

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posted on 2021-03-09, 17:57 authored by Rudy TrisnoRudy Trisno, Fermanto LiantoFermanto Lianto

According to Pope Benedict XVI, the Catholic building church after the Second Vatican Council reduced the value of sacredness so that the sacredness of the expression of the form of a Catholic church is considered to fade. This statement from the Pope is exciting to be an issue for researchers to search for indicator values of the Catholic Church's sacredness before the Second Vatican Council. The Cathedral Church was founded before the Second Vatican Council. This study's method is a quantitative method by taking as many as 250 respondents who were grouped as users and observers as defining the population and purposive sampling to determine the impression of the sacredness felt by respondents through several indicator values. The conclusions obtained in this quantitative analysis are the sacred indicator values of the church received from; (1) Variables of the liturgy function; (2) Variables of form expression. The findings in this study are: (1) The Catholic Church founded before the Second Vatican Council is still imperfect; that is, this church is not following its ritual function. (2) The expression of the Catholic Church's form can be said to be sacred if the form's concept follows the function by considering indicator values of sacredness.


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