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IPSE: A Scholar-Practitioner Protocol for Evidence-based Practice in Qualitative Research

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posted on 2023-08-14, 14:08 authored by Dr. Anil BehalDr. Anil Behal

IPSE is an innovative research protocol developed by a team of French researchers in the field of qualitative medical research (QHR). This paper attempts to inspire social science doctoral researchers outside the medical field to consider adopting this unique method in future studies. It unpacks for readers how the IPSE research protocol works and provides a compelling rationale for its adoption, given the gaping chasm between research and practice. Figures and illustrations used in this work are from authors who have given permission to use and disseminate their work with proper attribution under a Creative Commons license that does not need permission. 


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Figures and illustrations used in this paper are from the work of 2 authors Sibeoni, et. al. 2020 and Hemming et al.2020 who have published their work under a Creative Commons license and do not require permission for use and reproduction. Please make a note of this! They have been given proper attribution in this paper.

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