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Heterodox review on labor relations & economic interventionism

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posted on 2022-10-05, 22:59 authored by Daniel J. Gallego Morales, Miguel Angel ALONSO, Antonio SANCHEZ-BAYONAntonio SANCHEZ-BAYON, Jesus HUERTA DE SOTO


This is a critical-hermeneutical review on labor relations under the heterodox approaches, specially the Austrian Economics, to debate with mainstream bias. First, there is a diagnosis about the economic interventionism in the World and which is the current relation between the economic theory and applied economics. Second, the attention is focused in Card & Krueger study, as recent Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, with contributions of natural experiments in Labor Economics and against to the traditional economic theory. Third, there is a discussion on the results, with some refutations according to the Austrian Economics and the mainline approaches.


King Juan Carlos University


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