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Gender Stereotyping in Indonesia – Perceptions of High-School Students Towards Gender-Equal Career Development. Results from Qualitative Focus Groups

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posted on 2020-12-18, 23:13 authored by Nina Weimann-SandigNina Weimann-Sandig
This qualitative study has created a special research design in order to analyze the perceptions of High-School students towards a gender-equal labour market access: instead of having interviews, qualitative focus groups were held in which the participants - males as well as females - could discuss their perceptions critically


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No conflict of interest

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  • Germany

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  • Higher Education Faculty 4-yr College

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University of Applied Sciences for Social Work, Education and Nursing, Dresden

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  • Yes

Ethics statement

All participants agreed to take part in the Focus Group Discussions, to share their perceptions and to publish the empirical data.


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