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Family Dyadic: Anima Animas

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posted on 18.12.2020, 23:30 by Naveed ShibliNaveed Shibli, Momna Rizwan

In a randomized groups design 50 couples including 50 husbands and 50 wives belonging to joint and nuclear families were tested to study the presence of anima and animas contributory role in both spouses towards family dyadic and it relationship with joint and nuclear families. Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS) for family dyadic and The Masculine and Feminine Self-Disclosure Scale (MFSDS) were used to measure participants’ masculinity (anima) and femininity (animus) role in both spouses as contributory factor toward family dyadic in both family types. It was assumed that some useful information would emerge? SPSS was used for responses analysis. Significant .correlation between MFSDS .532**and DAS.657** found. MFSDS predicted DAS significantly F (df = 97) = 54.37, p <.001. Traditional binary role were not much clear, a non significant relationship was found between family types and participants scores on both tests. The findings pointed toward further dyadic focus for contributory role of masculinity and femininity levels of spouses in both family types.




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