Exploration of Psychodynamics Of Substance Users by Thematic Apperception Test

2018-11-07T17:04:35Z (GMT) by Tinni Dutta

The Thematic Apperception Test is a technique for the investigation of the dynamics of personality in clinical and non-clinical settings .It has been regarded as the popular assessment tools over the last 75 years In this present study the TAT was administered on 30 substance users namely in four categories: Brown sugar , Buprenorphine , Ganja and alcoholism . All of them were male . Their age range belong to 25-40 . 75% of them were married. Most of them were from lower to middle class socioeconomic status . instructions were given The personality dynamics of addicts - were explored qualitatively by Thematic Apperception Test . It could be assumed that four groups follow a dis pattern . Further research is called for replication of the present.