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Evaluation of MirMe® Online Assessment for 21st Century Skills: Situational Intelligence (SQ) and online psychometric assessment of 21st century skills

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posted on 2021-11-16, 22:11 authored by Shenghua Luan, Mark NowackiMark Nowacki
We assess the Situational Intelligence (SQ) component of the MirMe assessment system for 21st century skills. MirMe is an online, game-based psychometric instrument developed by LogicMills. The SQ component measures skills related to decision-making and critical thinking. It does so via AI-driven heuristic engines that deploy analogs of “fast and frugal” heuristics. Approximately 7,000 participants (aged 5 to 92) and 25,000 gameplays were involved in the various validation studies. Results support the conclusion that MirMe’s SQ measures are internally consistent (Cronbach alpha ranging from .71 to .93). Results also suggest that MirMe may be a better predictor of student academic performance (measured by GPA) than A-levels (MirMe r2 = .265, p < .001; A-levels r2 = .209, p < .001). MirMe also appears to predict the kinds of co-curricular activities students participate in both prior to and during university.


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Neither author was paid for the research. The second author was involved in the development of the instrument. LogicMills is a social enterprise and the second author has always operated on a pro-bono basis.

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Studies involving participants who were minors were approved by the Ministry of Education and/or parents; studies involving adult participants by informed consent.

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