Escape Rooms in Education

2019-07-23T18:12:48Z (GMT) by Charlene Murphree Sherry Vafa

Educators are constantly bombarded with a new tool or concept that it is essential to study the pros and cons of each tool before utilizing it in the classroom. Escape rooms are a new concept that is starting to emerge in a society as a recreational team sport. Bigger cities are beginning to provide people with rooms that are designed with multilevel concepts and experiences that allow them to breakout of the room. Breakout Edu is designed from these sessions offering students multilevel questions, gamifications, and using technology tools to enhance the education experience. The purpose of this paper is to review research studies to learn if using Breakout EDU in a classroom setting will improve student engagement through communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creative innovation, and confidence. The results of this study show that Breakout Edu do not just offer exposure to technology but a higher level of thinking and collaboration among peers.