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Empirical Analysis on the Influence of Individual Characteristics and Consumption Motivation on Sports Consumption Satisfaction

posted on 2022-11-16, 22:24 authored by Xiaofei Fan, Shiyi Chang, Haibo ChenHaibo Chen

This paper takes domestic residents as the investigation object, and adopts a questionnaire survey, descriptive statistical analysis, factor analysis, and optimal scale regression to study the influence of individual characteristics and consumption motivation on sports consumption satisfaction. The research found that: among the factors of personality characteristics, occupation, current physical condition satisfaction, exercise frequency, education level passed the test; The positive occupation coefficient indicates that the overall occupation has a positive effect on satisfaction. The coefficient of satisfaction with the current physical condition is positive, indicating that the more satisfied residents are with their current physical condition, the higher their satisfaction with sports consumption is. The coefficient of exercise frequency is negative, indicating that the longer the average exercise time of residents is, the lower the satisfaction of sports consumption is. The coefficient of education level is positive, indicating that residents' satisfaction with sports consumption increases with education level. Gender, age, and monthly sports consumption variables did not pass the significance test. Among these consumption motivation factors, there are seven variables: interpersonal motivation, body building and shaping motivation, will exercise motivation, growth knowledge motivation, exercise physical motivation, psychological regulation motivation and competition promotion motivation have all passed the test. The coefficients are all positive, indicating that residents’ sports consumption motivation has strong guidance and purpose, and has a positive promoting effect on sports consumption satisfaction Suggestions: Differentially guide the personalized consumption demand of the vast number of sports consumers, pertinently stimulate the consumption motivation of sports consumers, continuously strengthen the structural reform of the supply side of the sports industry, and systematically build a good sports consumption environment.


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