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Emotional Intelligence Spiritual Intelligence and Academic Performance in first year and final year medical students

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posted on 2020-07-30, 17:32 authored by Iqra MunawarIqra Munawar

The current study was conducted to check the relationship between emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence and academic performance in first year and final year medical students from the same college was assessed for relationship due to engagement in medical profession. The sample was consisted of (N=200), male (n=100), female (n=100) from Faisalabad Medical University, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Sample age range was 18 to 26 years. Sample from both classes was inducted with odd-even randomization oblique roll numbers. Following tests were administered Demographic sheet (for academic performance) Emotional Intelligence Scale (Schutte,Malouff & Bhullar, 2009) and Spiritual Intelligence Self-report Inventory (King, 2008) to find out the spiritual intelligence, and academic performance among both the groups to check relationship because of education level difference impact and supposed relationship between the variables. Data were analyzed through SPSS. The results showed significant difference between the groups on EI, SI and relationship with AP. No gender differences were reported in AP, however, found in EI and SI. Results also showed that first year students have higher levels of EI, SI and influence on AP. Regression analysis showed that EI was positive predictor of AP whereas SI has the insignificant relationship with the academic performance. This research can be helpful for teachers, doctors and for the researchers to enhance the EI and SI in medical students.


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