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Did participation in the Conover Workplace® modules improve Nunez Community College students’ work readiness?

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posted on 2022-11-16, 22:30 authored by Sandra BoschSandra Bosch, Donna RiceDonna Rice

A mismatch remains between the skill sets employers seek in new hires and the applicants' skills. A quasi-experimental research design was used to investigate whether students’ oral, written, and digital skill sets were improved after participation in the Geaux Pro quality enhancement program coursework, which included embedded Conover Workplace Readiness® modules at Nunez Community College. Data were analyzed using the (a) grades for quality enhancement program-dedicated courses, (b) rubric scores from General Education Student Learning Outcomes, (c) Likert-type scores from quality enhancement program student workshop and training surveys, and (d) Likert-type scores from Faculty workshop and Conover Workplace Readiness® module satisfaction survey. The evidence (e.g., grades, mastery of learning outcomes) showed significant improvement in students’ oral, written, and digital skills after participation in Geaux Pro quality enhancement courses, workshops, and Conover Workplace Readiness® modules, resulting in improved employability skills. This study has implications for addressing community college students’ work readiness.




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