Determinants of Usage Intensity of E-Resources by Postgraduate Students of a Kenyan Private University.doc

2020-03-27T15:15:44Z (GMT) by Samuel Wakahia
The target population was 225 postgraduate students who were on session during September 2017 semester and who had completed at least one year of study. From this, 79 eligible respondents were randomply sampled. Data was collected from one private university. The data was then summarized using descriptive statistics. Inferences were drawn using correlation and regression technique. Results showed that usage intensity was significantly correlated to behavioral control factors (r=.289, p<.05). However, the correlation between usage intensity and both perceived usefulness (r=.073, p>.05) and perceived ease of use (r=.159, p>.05) were not statistically significant. The results suggest that perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use were necessary but not sufficient determinants of e-resource usage intensity as only behavioral control factor was signiticant.