The politics of data and reality in interdisciplinary social psychology

2020-03-30T21:49:39Z (GMT) by Chetan Sinha

This article draws attention to the meaning of data and reality in social psychology, where everything is in the process, and one complements the other. Since social psychological data matters, data handling and interpretations in terms of cause-effect nexus, best descriptions and claiming of human subjectivities become a vital part of the advancement of social psychology. Social psychological enterprise is a political field where the role of structure and power give meaning to the data, and hence construct the reality. The current article discusses on the politics of data and power and how subjects of social psychology are not data in itself but active data processor. The observer perspective implied to understand others’, if does not cater to the need of justice, the data is oppressive in itself.

Keyword: cause-effect, data, human nature, interdisciplinarity, reality, social psychology