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Critical discourse analysis of the content of popular Telegram channels and groups in the field of discussion and critique of social and political issues in Iran

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posted on 2022-06-13, 19:35 authored by omid bakhtvaromid bakhtvar

Thanks for taking the time to review my handwriting. This article, as it is extracted from my master's thesis, cannot retell all the details of the research as it should, so I have to make a few points. It is natural that you do not see anything from the political and theological context of Iran here, because a wide range of analysis has been used in this research. The details that should have been mentioned are fully described in the analyzes, which are the bridge between description and explanation. Due to the large volume of content, it is not allowed to be presented in the number of pages, if necessary, I can send you some samples of analysis. As for the introductory sentences, I have to say that it is a ground for discussion, and CDA is the basis of my writing, and this cannot be concealed, but keep in mind that my analyzes are novel. Sufficient explanations are provided on how to introduce and select channels and groups. By focusing on the code and its set, the reader will understand where the analysis was headed and what results were drawn from it. Regarding the research method, I must say that the quality of the content has been measured with the help of its quantitative expression, as you know, the Fairclough method is a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.


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