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Creativity, anticipation and the quantum theory of consciousness in cross-disciplinary studies: 3D perception of 2D images

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posted on 2019-08-26, 22:16 authored by Marsel FazlyyyakhmatovMarsel Fazlyyyakhmatov, Vladimir Antipov
In this article, the perception of 3D attributes (depth, volume and spatial perspective) is examined from the perspective of creativity, the anticipation phenomenon and the quantum theory of consciousness. The aim of the work is to consider activation of the incubation and insight processes under the influence of flat images in the modern visual environment. It is shown that not only can people perceive 3D objects as 3D objects but they can also perceive man-made 2D images as 3D objects. The main condition for the 3D phenomenon to occur is extensive visual training, which requires the trainee to look at stereograms and observe their stereoscopic depth. The results of interviews of 336 schoolchildren of 8-11 grades on the initial state of the 3D phenomenon - the relief effect are presented in this work. It is experimentally shown that when observing a phenomenon, new physiological features of perception are formed. Focusing of eyes occurs behind the plane of the presented images. This feature was detected using a binocular eyetracker.


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