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Countering Islamic State And Al Qaeda’s Ideological Doctrines

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posted on 23.09.2021, 20:15 by Suvojit BandopadhyayaSuvojit Bandopadhyaya

This paper discusses the ideological differences between the Islamic State (IS) and Al Qaeda (AQ) and their differential media strategies that were existing from 2014 to 2017. This paper emphasises the interpretation of Qutbism and the unification of Ummah which led to the divide and disintegration of AQ of Iraq later becoming IS. This ideological difference emanates from practice and theological understanding of Salafism by IS and AQ and perception of the near and far enemy by both the terrorist organizations. Both terrorist organizations’ ideological doctrines are also influenced by the use of information and communication technologies catering to their respective audience. Considering the ideological differences and differences in IS and AQ media strategies, this paper proposes counter-terrorism strategies to fight IS and AQ online propaganda.


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