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Compliant or Obedient? New Lifestyle and People in Japan in the Pandemic of Covid-19

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posted on 2022-03-14, 17:40 authored by Seiji SuzukiSeiji Suzuki
In response to Covid-19, the so-called New Lifestyle was proposed by the Japanese Government. This lifestyle is the one in which preventive measures for infection are incorporated in the conducts of daily life. It is nearly two years since this lifestyle was first proposed, the necessity of practicing that lifestyle is still called for. This paper examines how much people are taking into their everyday lives, measures recommended by the authority so that New Lifestyle is to be realized. 30 people, with all of whom the author has had rapport, participated in the study and told how they have dealt with the recommended measures. From the data, it was found that few measures were new and people have practice since the pre-pandemic days




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