Comparison of Adolescent with and without Pets Personality and Intelligence Responses

2020-04-27T22:53:18Z (GMT) by Naveed Shibli Amina Aslam

Personality and intelligence test responses of 200 adolescents belonging to same vicinities those were having pets and were without pets were compared to assess effect of pet. Ten-Items Personality Inventory and Multiple Intelligence Assessment were administered. The responses of the participants compared with SPSS (22). Analysis revealed variance between the personality responses by pet owners as compared with participants without pet, with pet (M = 2.34, SD = .755) without pet (M = 1.66, SD = .923). p = .000). A similar variance was observed in intelligence, pet owners (M = 2.24, SD = .740) without pet (M = 1.69, SD = .895). p = .000). Results are sweeping more cross cultural studies recommended.