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Company Generated Problem‐Solving Content on Social Media (SM) and Online Brand Equity: Designing and Testing a Model for Its Effectiveness

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posted on 2019-10-03, 22:22 authored by Tali RezunTali Rezun
Based on 15 years of online experience and research dealing with SEO, social media and brand positioning the doctorate dissertation emerged. Doctorate dissertation (DBA) titled: “Company Generated Problem-Solving Content on Social Media (SM) and Online Brand Equity: Designing and Testing a Model for Its Effectiveness” deals with online model development using professional value added content with a purpose to aid small and mid-sized enterprises promote their brands online. The four year research period from 2012 to 2016, followed company “Naton HR” as the main research subject using dissertation model to position its brand online. Data was collected and the model confirmed. The importance of professional content and its positive effect on brand visibility and business performance has become an exceedingly important marketing issue. To date, there has been limited empirical literature on professional “content type” in social media (SM). However, there is consensus among researchers that content has a positive effect on brand exposure, and, in fact, results in improved company sales.


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