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ChatGPT's Gospel Preaching Process: A Grounded Theory Study

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posted on 2023-07-06, 20:02 authored by En Rui ChuaEn Rui Chua

Preprint: ChatGPT's Gospel Preaching Process: A Grounded Theory Study 


Recent strides in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have made using AI to automate the process of sermon preparation a possibility. However, AI’s process of preaching is still poorly understood. This paper contributes by evaluating 27 evangelistic sermons generated by ChatGPT using Grounded Theory to study its process of preaching the gospel. The study revealed ChatGPT’s use of sharing personal testimony, delivering the gospel as found in the Bible, and appealing to unbelievers to preach the gospel. The necessity of the transformative power of the gospel was identified as the core category. Theological comprehensiveness and orthodoxy of the sermons were also evaluated.


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