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Can Teacher Awareness, Attitude and Identity Increase Technology Vulnerability?

posted on 2022-07-29, 22:04 authored by Stephanie SadownikStephanie Sadownik

Can teacher awareness of growing technology demands and skillsets of new teachers increase their vulnerability with school districts? Can teacher attitudes toward learning new technology and use of technology in the classroom increase their vulnerability? Can a teacher's identity, their perception of their ability to use and understand technology increase their vulnerability?  In this 2022 study, 37 teachers and 14 administrators rate their expertise with technology, while identifying vulnerable and marginalized populations, believed to be at risk for use of technology, through survey and semi-structured interview questions.  Results indicate 60.7 % (31 of 51) feel comfortable using technology in education settings, 17.6% (9 of 51) believe they are an expert and 35 % (18 of 51) help others.  In terms of vulnerability, only 7.8% of participants (4 of 51) believe teachers are vulnerable and 97.7% of participants (43 of 44) believe teachers are encouraged to use technology as part of their classroom practice.




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