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Artificial Intelligence-based Technological-Oriented Knowledge Management, Innovation, and E-Service Delivery in Smart Cities: Moderating Role of E-Governance

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posted on 2022-06-21, 22:41 authored by Syed Asad Abbas BokhariSyed Asad Abbas Bokhari, Myeong SeungHwan



The fundamental goal of this research is to investigate the quantitative relationship between technology-oriented knowledge management, innovation, e-governance, and smart city performance using knowledge management-based service science theory and diffusion of innovation theory. Previous research has found a connection between knowledge management, innovation, e-governance, and e-service delivery. We believe that these are not only direct connections but also contextual and interactive relationships, so we explored the significance of innovation as a mediator between knowledge management and e-service delivery. Furthermore, we investigated the moderating impact of e-governance on the relationship between innovation and e-service delivery. Using SPSS to analyze data from 569 participants in South Korea, Pakistan, Japan, and Bangladesh, we discovered that these direct relationships are contextual in the sense that innovation mediates the relationship between knowledge management and e-service delivery and e-governance moderates the correlation between innovation and e-service delivery. Based on the outcomes from quantitative analysis, all our proposed hypotheses in this study were supported significantly.




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