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Are Mindfulness and Mind-Wandering Opposite Constructs?: It depends on how Mindfulness is Conceptualised

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posted on 2022-02-17, 18:37 authored by Lakshmi SomarajuLakshmi Somaraju, Elizabeth C Temple, Bernadine Cocks, Lewis A Bizo

Participants (N = 552) were recruited by Qualtrics®, mainly from the USA (%), India (%), and Australia (%), with ages ranging from 18-94 years (M = 54.06 years, SD = 15.87). All participants were either non-meditators or had less than one year’s experience at meditation. They comprised 330 (60%) females and 222 (40%) males. Participants were presented with an anonymous online questionnaire. By clicking on the questionnaire URL were presented with a Participant Information Sheet and an Online Implied Consent form. Those who continued to the questionnaire were asked to provide demographic information and complete the scales that measured mindfulness and mind-wandering.


Commonwealth of Australia


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University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia

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Ethics approval was granted by the University of New England, Australia (approval number: HE 18-040). Participants were provided with information about the study and then required to indicate consent prior to participating.

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