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Analyzing Policy Documents: A Desk Study Exploring Research Data Governance Practices among Leading Research Performing Organizations

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posted on 2023-11-07, 06:18 authored by Norzelatun Rodhiah HazmiNorzelatun Rodhiah Hazmi, Abdullah Abrizah, Yanti Idaya Aspura Mohd Khalid


Research data governance (RDG) plays a vital role in the effective management of research data within organizations. With the increasing volume and intricacy of research data, robust data sharing is necessary to facilitate advancements. However, despite its significance, RDG has not received the level of attention it deserves in comparison to other domains of research data management (RDM). Therefore, this desk study aims to fill the gap by identifying the key RDG activities implemented by top research performing organizations (RPOs) to provide insights into the key activities of governance that research organizations prioritize in their RDM policies. A content analysis of 36 policy documents was conducted, identifying 55 unique RDG activities. The findings showed that RPOs are more focused on implementing activities rather than defining or monitoring them, indicating an increasing awareness of the importance of RDG. The study identified two key activities that RPOs prioritize, highlighting a solid commitment to maintaining ethical and legal standards for RDM. As RDG practices evolve, it is crucial to identify emerging trends and technologies that impact RDG practices and explore innovative solutions to address challenges. Therefore, future research should explore innovative solutions for addressing challenges and developing more effective RDG practices.


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