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An Assessment of the Immigrant Phenomenon from the Perspective of Building a World Civilization.docx (62.3 kB)
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An Assessment of the Immigrant Phenomenon from the Perspective of Building a World Civilization

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posted on 2020-12-18, 23:18 authored by murat şengözmurat şengöz

The issue of migrants and refugees is undoubtedly one of the most important security and survival problems of our time. Because what could be more truthful and pathetic than the drama of people who had to leave their country with a feeling of helplessness, and how can this despair be described. Ultimately, every migration is a journey to hope, but more important than a journey to hope is the pain and troubles experienced before the story, the helplessness felt and the hopes lost. It is of course nice for people to follow their hopes, but what is more beautiful is that people can keep their hopes and dreams alive in their homeland. The bottom line is that every migration is a tragedy in a way, and the migrants are just extras of this tragedy. Arriving at the place of immigration is the beginning of a new and completely different story, where dreams flourish for some, and hopes for others are completely lost.


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