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A landscape of open science policies research

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posted on 02.09.2021, 22:29 authored by Alejandra MancoAlejandra Manco

Open science policies are a much-discussed issue. This literature review aims to examine the approach given to open science policy in these studies.

The approach given to open science in the selected works has different aspects: policy framing and its geopolitical aspects are described as an asymmetries replication and epistemic governance tool. The main geopolitical aspects of open science policies described in the literature are the relations between international, regional and national policies. There are also different components of open science covered in the literature: open data seems much discussed in the English speaking works while open access is the main component discussed in the Portuguese and Spanish speaking papers. Finally, the relation between open science policies and the general science policy is framed by highlighting the innovation and transparency that open science can bring to it.


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