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A Lens of the Unknown: Exploring the Unconscious of Childhood Self-concept

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posted on 2021-07-15, 22:39 authored by Daryl Niko CempronDaryl Niko Cempron
The core of the study is looking into the self-concept of the selected informed informants and interpreted it through Erik Erikson's psychosocial development theory on mistrust. The prime and intense assumption that the results magnified is that, "direct consciously observed self-concept of mistrust is the product of unconscious feeling of frustration activated right at the onset of the child's early years which could be naturally repressed but never fades as it can always be projected once ignited."


This is a patriotic longitudinal research, in which no funds were requested to the institution of the author.


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This article has not been published in any peer reviewed journal, but will be as soon as the author finds the most suitable one. Another version of the pre-print is also available in the author's ResearchGate account.

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Central Mindanao University

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This inquiry had obtained consent from the informants; more importantly, had respected their time and discernments. They were selected primarily based on their profound interest to which the basic information of the study most especially their rights and the process of ensuring the privacy of their identities and confidentiality of their responses were discussed, gave ample time for them to decide whether or not to participate in the study and letting be aware that should there be any unpleasant happenings especially emotional troubles that may take place along the way, that they would be provided all the help they that they would need. Before the data collection, nevertheless, the study had been ensured to have adhered to the doctrines of research ethics, thereby had complied with the guidelines required by the Central Mindanao University Institutional Ethics Review Committee, as cleared.

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