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A Grounded Theory on Overseas Filipino Workers' Interpersonal Conflicts

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posted on 2020-06-16, 20:56 authored by Gremil Alessandro NazGremil Alessandro Naz
The literature on interpersonal conflict management is already extensive and theories have been forwarded since the 1960s. However, these theories were created with proximal couples in mind. They do not address the situation of partners in long-distance relationships (LDRs). Thus, a grounded theory study was done among 10 Filipinos in LDRs. They were individually interviewed for about an hour per session and the interviews were transcribed. The transcriptions were then subjected to open coding, which yielded 18 open codes. During the selective coding, these were pared down to five categories. Their relationships were identified during the theoretical coding, which resulted in a grounded theory on conflict management in LDRs. This theory posits that the reason for the LDR; long-term relationship plans; communication practices; and the values, behaviors, and other attributes of the couple all shape long-distance conflicts. The computer-mediated communication technologies used by the long-distance couples were factors in relational maintenance.


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