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posted on 2022-02-11, 18:12 authored by Elba Díaz-SerradillaElba Díaz-Serradilla, Alberto Valiente, José Antonio Rodríguez-Marroyo, José Gerardo Villa Vicente, Alejandro Rodríguez-Fernández

The aim of the study was to analyze the goals scored pattern in elite female soccer players. All goals (330) scored in the first half of the Spanish female national league (Iberdrola League) were analyzed using the Nacsport Scout Plus 6.0 New Assistant for Coach Sport SL software. The frequency, place and starting situation, position goal action, type and style of play, type of set play and action prior to goal score with a combination of space of the goal and scoring zones were analyzed. The periods with the greatest amount of goals were the last one of each half (18.2% and 26.1% respectively), and the teams that scored the first goal won 71% of matches. Open play, positional and first touch are the predominant actions prior to achieving a goal in elite female soccer players. It is also important to pay attention to the high number of steals in the center zone of the own side while designing defensive strategies. The relationship between the space of the goal and scoring zones shown that the majority of the close shoots enter throw the low part of the goal. These findings could be used for coaches to propose defensive strategies in female soccer players.


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