The Role of Information Technology in Managing the Conflicts of Long-Distance Partners

2019-05-03T16:34:28Z (GMT) by Gremil Alessandro Naz
This study sought to understand the role of information technology (IT) in managing the conflicts of Filipinos in long-distance relationships (LDRs). Specifically, it aimed to know the conflicts Filipinos in LDRs usually experience, how these conflicts are managed with the help of IT, their conflict communication practices, and the values necessary for LDR maintenance. Ten Filipinos in LDRs were interviewed in depth. Results showed that the common conflicts identified by the study participants were on childrearing, failure to communicate on the appointed date and time, delayed and unsent text messages, the husband’s drinking, and gossips related to the husband’s alleged infidelity. IT was a big help in managing these conflicts because it allowed effective communication, with video telephony as the most preferred technology. According to the study participants, the personal characteristics that contribute to LDR maintenance are cool-headedness, self-control, patience, and humility.