Snacking, Emotional and Behavioural Problems among Overweight and Obese Adolescents in MyBFF@school Program

This study aimed to investigate the relationship of snacking with emotional and behavioural problems among 620 overweight and obese adolescents with a mean age(SD) of 14.6(13) years old. Snacking frequencies in the past week were assessed using a pre-tested nutrition knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) questionnaire while the emotional and behavioural problems were measured using the Youth Self-Report questionnaire. The study found a significant positive association between snacking and all symptoms of emotional and behavioural problems. There were also differences in the association based on gender, school location and ethnicity. The findings suggested that there are significant positive associations between snacking and emotional and behavioural problems among overweight and obese adolescents. History of snacking may be used to identify overweight and obese adolescents with these problems and various initiatives may be implemented to overcome them.