Populist Mobilization, Role of Political Elites and Anti-Centre Campaign in Recent Tamil Politics in India

2019-05-02T16:38:01Z (GMT) by Kunal Debnath
Tamil politics in India has an enduring characteristic of a sub-nationalist orientation which,<br>sometimes, bares with the populist mobilization by the political parties of Tamil Nadu. Recently,<br>the working president of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, one of the prominent political parties of<br>Tamil Nadu, recycles the issue of Dravida Nadu, a hypothetical land for the Tamils own based<br>on their ethnonational identity, which had been dropped almost 55 years ago. Dravida Nadu<br>highlights the linguistic, cultural and ethnonational resistance against north-Indian dominated<br>pan-Indian nationalism. Cauvery water dispute, debate over Jallikattu, anti-Hindi stance, and<br>protest against the terms of reference of the Fifteenth Finance Commission are the signs of anticentre<br>campaign in Tamil politics and being used not only for upholding Tamil cultural<br>nationalism but for mobilizing the people in electoral combat zone in Tamil Nadu.