How Knowledge Management Enhances Employee Performance in the Public Sector

The sample accounted for a total of 173 respondents. There were twenty-six (26) departments that responded to the study. The majority of the respondents were in the job ranks of Senior and Middle Management, combing a percentage total of six-one percent (61%) and forty-three percent (43%) held a graduate degree/diploma. There was only a six percent (6%) of the respondents that have a Technical Training/Diploma. The majority of the respondents responded that they had received no promotion over the past three years. There was only a thirty-nine percent (39%) of respondents that received one promotion over the past three years. Thirty percent (30%) of the respondents received four (4) training, a contrast to the thirteen percent (13%) that received no training. The majority of the respondents, representing a total percentage, seventy-eight percent (78%) of respondents has been in the service between zero to ten years.