China's social moral empirical research based on situational simulations

2020-03-05T16:30:12Z (GMT) by Yitian Shao Yiping Wang Rong-Jie Li

China has a long history of more than 5000 years, which inheriting many excellent moral traditions. China’s moral level and civilization degree once led the world, and had a profound influence on other countries. However, a series of social problems merging in China in recent years because of the social morals, these problems limit the progress of social civilization seriously and influence people's living environment adversely. In order to analyze the changes of social morals and the root causes, the research team designed four different situational simulations in the main developed coastal cities in China. The survey results indicated that China's present social ethics is not ideal, it is necessary to make root cause analysis and implement improvement measures to recreate good moral civilization in the whole society.